The Precious, Hurt, and Health

I’ve been thinking of a particular phrase lately. It goes something like this…”Hurting people hurt people.” It’s pretty basic. It’s logical. And it’s something all of us hear/read and start thinking “HA! This is perfect for _______ (insert any name of any person who has ever hurt you here).” We smirk; we feel a little bit of accomplishment and validation in picking out exactly who those people may have been. Then we go back to returning e-mails and planning the To-Do list.

We all carry around our own Precious. You know what I mean…Lord Of The Rings, the RING of doom…the “Precious”…the all-powerful Ring that controls the whole Middle Earth. We all have one of those (or two, or three). We coddle it, and we don’t want anyone to take it away from us. We treasure our Hurt and we pull it out anytime we feel threatened. Therefore, we are all hurting people who hurt people.

There is another phrase that rattles around in my brain shortly after that first one. It goes something like this… “The healthier you become the healthier people you attract into your life.” So, there is this light at the end of this tunnel. The Ring of doom starts to become less important; those walls we all build start to break down a little bit, and forgiveness of all that garbage (the Hurt) becomes probable…and most importantly, possible.

I’d like to start a new phrase. “Healthy people health people.” Now, despite the horrible word structure (this is when all English gurus loose it) and the horrible way I just made “Health” a verb, I think it is genius. Why? Because it WORKS. Let me show you….

Hurting People Hurt People – the PRECIOUS + The Healthier you become the Healthier people you attract + Forgiveness = Healthy People Health People

This is the formula for Peace, Love, and Joy. But, it’s more than that. It’s where ALL feelings are fair game. Where it’s okay to feel rage. It’s okay to feel lonely. It’s okay to feel shame.

Why? Because of forgiveness. Because Healthy People Health people. Because I am willing to take a bullet for that formula.

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Not The WHAT, but The HOW

There are a lot of promises we make to ourselves every time the end of the year rolls around. The ball drops in Time Square, and you wake up reminding yourself that you will remember to write the correct year on all future documents. You have a “bucket list” for that year. Or perhaps you don’t. According to 40%-45% of Americans make resolutions. Yet suddenly, you are aware of how fast time goes, and how there were so many things you planned on doing that you didn’t. Maybe you were one of the few who accomplished their list from the year before. And in that case, I congratulate you.

Here are the success rates (based on time):

Individuals who maintain their resolution 2 weeks from date: 75%

Those who maintain after the first 2 weeks: 71%

Those who can manage to get past the first month: 64%

The hardcore after 6-monthers: 46%

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Rewind back to those promises you made for yourself only a few short weeks ago. Did you have a plan? Did you think…”This is what I want for 2012?” and then follow it with “This is HOW I am going to do it?”

This is the iPhone Culture. This is the Blackberry age. This is the Droid “doing” era. This is it, and we all have lists. Grocery lists, daily goals lists, shopping lists, reminder lists, lists for future lists to write….you get the idea. We make plans and show up. But HOW do you get there? At Passion Provokers, we’ve realized the HOW is a much bigger deal than the WHAT.


Life isn’t about the the WHAT’s next, but about HOW you are going to do “next”. And who is there with you. Our team firmly believes in the power of relationships and the healing that can be accomplished in just a short amount of time. If there was an inkling of a better relationship in the promises you made to yourself (and perhaps your partner) than the HOW becomes extremely important.

We know how. Become the 45% that choose to know WHAT they want, and then become the 46% of those who choose and accomplish HOW they will do it.