My Deeper Awakening

“Disasters work like alarm clocks to the world…. They are shouting, ‘Wake up! Love! Pray!’” ~Criss Jami, Killosophy

by Marla Keller

On the morning of May 27, through the fog of sleep, I realized that I was really dizzy and unbalanced. I had never experienced this before, so like every human being with internet access, I googled it. And I picked the best option: inner ear infection. That had to be it! It certainly wasn’t the brain tumor option… Treatment: Benadryl. Got it, and now we can drive 16 hours to Arizona for our niece’s high school graduation.

Fast forward two weeks (two very dizzy, nauseas, vomiting-every-two-days weeks). I decided it was time to get checked out, and Jami took me to the closest Urgent Care. Doc said I was the specimen of health, minus the vertigo and nausea, and agreed with my very professional diagnosis of “Inner Ear Infection.” Great. It should be gone by the middle of July. Bummer.

I began vomiting every day by the end of 5 weeks, so at 7 weeks into this crazy “inner ear infection” Jami took me to see a doctor. She agreed that it was an inner ear issue or crystals in my ear, and again I was the specimen of health otherwise. And she sent me to be evaluated by a balance specialist. In the meantime, I did some other alternative medicine things hoping that they would finally cure me. Nothing. I had even stumped the balance specialist.

Unfortunately, it took a week of not being able to see clients until I finally had Jami take me to the ER. Ten weeks of this was enough. Ten. They evaluated me within minutes of waiting, and immediately sent me for an MRI and admitted me into the hospital.

It was a mass in my brain. Brain tumor.

Jami and I had a moment to process this devastating news before my neurosurgeon, Dr. Manning, came into the room. We cried for just a moment in those few short minutes, and then got it together as the doc came in for our consultation. I don’t remember this, but when Jami told me about it, my heart knew it, and I cried hearing it, and I cried telling it to others. Side note: Your heart knows the truth.

Dr. Manning has kind eyes. And he had news that, although scary, was hopeful. He indicated that he believed the mass was a 2 inch hemangioblastoma. (Friends, I had a tumor in my brain that was the size of a racquetball! What???) His description was that it was a 2 centimeter cyst that had slowly leaked fluid creating a 2 inch encapsulated pocket inside my brain. He was very encouraged that it was close to the surface of my skull, and a good place in my brain for a full recovery. Good news. Brain surgery, though, very scary, with the possibility of having a long recovery learning to walk, or talk, or any other number of things.

That was Wednesday, July 27. My surgery was scheduled for July 28 in the evening. I don’t have much recollection of this time. Anesthesia will do that to you. But from Jami and Ariel’s report, I was beginning to have excruciating headaches, and was constantly on the verge of throwing up. The nurses were concerned that if they couldn’t manage my symptoms and keep me comfortable then I would have to go into emergency surgery.

And I had amazing nurses who fought hard to keep me as comfortable as possible, and they succeeded. A huge “thank you” to April and Shanine in the SICU at St. Lukes in Downtown Boise! I made it into surgery on July 28 at 8:30 pm. At 9:45 pm Dr. Manning gathered my family together and let them know that it was good news. He had gotten it all, and there were no complications. And he expected I would have a full recovery.

Relief for my husband and adult kids.

I ended up being released from the hospital after only 3 days on August 1st, and before I left all of the medical professionals who had been on my case said how amazed they were with my quick recovery. It was a miracle. 

And there was something magical about being alone with my thoughts for so many hours in the hospital because my phone, reading, and my iPad all made me too dizzy. In that space, and inside of my immense gratitude for life, I began to have an even more profound sense of purpose. I knew that I was alive for a reason. That my life and energies and experiences and knowledge were meant to coach couples, individuals, and groups on how to live more meaningful, connected, free, loving, and passionate lives.

Of course for those of you who know me you know that I have had this purpose for over 20 years. But somehow now it means even more. I AM ALIVE, and I AM THRIVING! I have been awakened in ways I cannot even begin to explain. And truly I feel like I’m 35 again. Wow. And I want everyone to have this. Do you want it? And you get to have it without going through brain surgery. ;) We can show you how.

Being home from the hospital was like heaven. I had all of my faculties about me, I was alive, and I was even thriving! I wasn’t nauseas anymore. I did experience dizziness for a couple of days, and so Jami helped me get around. But it faded away, and I felt better than I had in two and a half months. 

So good that we saw our first couple only a week and a day after my surgery! We took it easy for a couple of weeks, seeing no more than two clients a day, but now we are back in the saddle full time. And we do have time for you! Are you ready to experience fullness, happiness, connection and a powerful awakening in your life? We’re ready for you.

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