Make 2017 Your Summer of Love!


 by Jami and Marla Keller

Summer is when all the fun of life happens. Even if you have to work all summer, the evenings are longer and there are opportunities to be more connected than ever.​ Think bbq’s, water sports, theme park visits, picnics on the grass listening to your favorite band, and so much more.

All too often we see the lost opportunities people have to build the life they really want. So much hurt, frustration, and feelings of abandonment and control overwhelm the peace, power, and joy that is available right now. For over twenty-two years we have been practicing Forgiveness Coaching, and guess what? It turns out that there are several fundamental, easy-to-learn tools that will blow your mind in how easy and powerful they are to use to put the FUN back into this summer.

We are offering our Seven Day Feeling Wheel 4.0 Challenge for FREE because we know it will help get you get want you want most: PEACE, POWER, and JOY. For those that send us their top three Northside feelings we are giving you a customized audio Contemplation tool to kickstart your summer like never before.

Don’t miss out on another summer of peace, empowerment, joy, and love. Last summer I (Marla) lost an entire summer due to a little brain surgery. It. Was. A. Huge. Bummer. And I don’t want you to miss out on an incredible summer season because you are frustrated, miserable, lonely, confused, and/or heartbroken. Let us help you get what you deserve and desire through the magic of our coaching and mentorship. And may the summer of 2017 be your/our very best! I can’t wait to adventure with you this summer.

These amazing tools are just too good to keep to ourselves, so we are challenging you to get more of what you want this summer! Join us and see what it is that is so wonderful about Finding, Building, and Healing love today.

P.S. Each week this summer we will be profiling the most common frustrations we see, and how to address them, we all have most of them and we have the shortest short-cuts to better living.Next week we will address feeling lonely or abandoned. Often in the midst of things going “fairly” well we all need and deserve to be heard, welcomed, and loved. Start your Challenge today and find more of what you want.