by Jami Keller I choose Love. Love is real. Love is the only reason to live. Love. Love. Love.  Love wins. Love heals with forgiveness, and with full, fully forgiven love, we find hope and meaning.

Love is often clumsily learned from mother and father, siblings, would be lovers, and has hurt, pain and trauma attached to it. Still the sadness, because of love, is the doorway to joy. Love stretches each scar and turns it into beauty. Because love is a teacher, it patiently waits even when violence is the result of its misuse. Love heals. Love never stops.

Love, love, love. I choose love, for the many facets of love bring many other gifts. First, the spirit is love for all; all are loved to life, to live is to be in love, for love makes life possible.

Love is limitless. It is never spent but is always in flow, between friends the bond that can be stretched over years of pain, and still grow. Love endures.

Passionate love while often reckless is also the bond of family. Protective and hot, it is love that brings us to what is most important in this life, and that is to live, to breath, to let our hearts sore in this wondrous life-giving love. When we let it, love transforms our hearts and minds, unfolding limitless potential for peace, empowerment, and joy beyond measure.