Consider Yourself Hugged (Virtually, of course…)

Hello friends,

We are sending you virtual hugs and want you to know that we are here for you in these exceptionally stressful times. Here are some things you can do to replace anxiety with contentment right now:
🧡 Write out the things that you are t r u l y passionate about. Create a vision board (or simply a list for those of you who are more left-brained 😉). Then frame it and hang it on your wall where you will see it every day. As you leave the house keep your framed passions in mind throughout the day.
🧡 Find a vulnerable and safe friend to share your true and authentic self with. Meet up for coffee or wine or beers in a safe and private location.
🧡 Pray, meditate and/or journal.
🧡 Be present to your emotions and express them healthfully (using r e a l feeling words like lonely, disappointed, hurt or peaceful, confident, and free; good, bad, find, and okay are NOT real feeling words…I know, I know what the???).
🧡 And finally, share your deepest feelings and desires with your partner. When you start expressing real feelings you are beginning the process of sharing your deepest feelings and desires with your partner in a shame-free connection that develops a flow of love between the two of you that really is unstoppable that doesn’t have to be shrouded in fear.

You are incredible, worthy, valuable and your youiest you is needed in our world today that feels so uncertain! Embrace YOU and see what wonderful things come from it.

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Be Cherished,
Marla and Jami

Relationship Experts