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Passion Provokers was formed in 2011 by founders Jami and Marla Keller, after they had spent the previous 24 years working in the coaching field. Many patterns emerged in this field and they soon realized they needed to rebrand what it meant to have and to be a Life Coach. Jami and Marla Keller became Coach Certified in 2009 through Invite Professional Coach Training. From personal trials to professional success, they established a basic goal to give everyone 100% success: Provide a coaching service that is short-term (a maximum of 12 months) for a lifetime of results.

​With their unique way of coaching, Jami and Marla have created simple teachings and formulas that anyone can apply and see immediate results. Starting with an organic process, they soon realized it was time to make this a full-time business. Since their job is to empower peoples lives and evoke a passion to thrive, they realized “provoking passion” was their job; hence the name evolved as Passion Provokers.

​Specializing in couples, they realized they could teach this process both to individuals and groups. Working with such a broad demographic has allowed them to enrich peoples lives in every facet. Together, they flourish in teaching people these simple and effective techniques that, when followed, make it possible for 100% success.

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Jami & Marla Keller

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