Affair 911

FIRST- An affair is a symptom of other issues and is fixable if both partners come to see us 97% of the time.

Second, the sooner we are involved the sooner relief and confidence in the relationship comes.

Third, your relationship is the largest investment in your life, the love, joy and connection you had in the beginning can be gained again and even better than ever, it is the blind spots that we all have that limit our love. It is fixable, if you use the tools we teach, most clients get significant relief within the first three session.

Your best chance is to TAKE ACTION NOW! Make an appointment as soon as possible for you alone or you and your partner (if possible and do not wait till they are ready either they are ready or not) for in person in Boise or over Zoom.US (add “schedule here” button) and if you need assistance before that appointment call and leave a message at 208-853-8888. Jami or Marla generally can get back to you within 24 hours. Please do not wait as each interaction is critical in crises!

We understand the value your primary relationship has, as 82% of couples that divorce both regret that divorce within three years! When you have had true love in your relationship almost anything is fixible don’t let the short term pain stop you from the best life has to offer for the rest of your life!!