Couples Retreat
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Here is the COUPLE’S RETREAT info (our next retreat is June 7-9 and the following one is July 12-14):

It’s the perfect time to get away from it all with your love and start your summer off right! Jami and Marla are super excited to offer their fun and refreshing Spicin’ It Up Couple’s Retreat. If it has been difficult to find time for your coupleship then this retreat weekend is for you! Past participants report getting more during this retreat than two years of conventional counseling (short and sweet!). And early registration is 10% off if received before May 1. Text us at 208-856-8888 for questions and/or to reserve your spot today!

Jami and Marla want to make sure that you feel comfortable so it is important to note that all personal exercises are completed privately with your partner. Unless you want to share, there will be no public disclosure of your personal information.

Here’s what you’ll experience:

–> A new and unique way of communicating that will surprise you with its simplicity,
–> A deeper understanding of your and your partner’s personalities and how they interact on a day-to-day basis,
–> An increased connection and trust in yourself and your partner,
–> And super effective ways to manage tensions and make repairs.

Is this retreat for you? If you answer “Yes” to any of the following questions then, YES, it’s for you!
–> Do you want to take what’s already a good relationship and make it great?
–> Do you desire a more fulfilling relationship?
–> Do you want a more intimate connection emotionally and physically?
–> Do you want tools to eliminate stress and that same old fight and replace it with peace and happiness?

What is the cost?

–> $650 Per Couple for a Private Room with a Shared Bathroom
–> $800 Per Couple for a Private Room and Semi-Shared Bathroom
–> $950 Per Couple for a Private Room and Bathroom

Space is limited, so grab your spot today! Earlybird Registration is 10% OFF before May 1. Text us at 208-856-8888 or email [email protected] for questions and/or to reserve your spot today!
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Future retreat dates:

June 7-9, 2019 (Spicin’ It Up Retreat), July 12-14 (same), August 23-26 (same), September 20-22 (Advanced Retreat), October 18-20 (Advanced Retreat), and November 1-3 (Spicin’ It Up Retreat)