What is Passion Provokers?

Passion Provokers was created out of Keller Coaching by Jami and Marla in 2011, after 20 years of specialized coaching. It is focused on healing relationships of all kinds, in order for them to not only be revived but to flourish. We use an incredible Forgiveness tool that we developed over 15 years out of our own journey that helps uncover your blindspots. It’s pretty cool and effective. Like 97% effective! To read Jami and Marla’s story on how it all started, CLICK HERE.

How is it different from counseling?

Those of you who are in the counseling profession we honor you. Our coaching is not a replacement of counseling, and we see ourselves more like mentors of our clients who we are joining on their journey. We’re on the sidelines helping our clients get that touchdown they are striving for! And progress is often rapid and enjoyable. Unlike traditional counseling, Passion Provokers uses a directive coaching model in order to maximize your finances as well as your time. In this way, Passion Provokers often completes the process in 3-20 Sessions, as opposed to traditional counseling (which often continues for months or years at a time).

Will my insurance cover the cost?

We do not take insurance, but if you have a Health Savings Plan (or something like it) you can use it to pay for our services. Remember that our services are short term for long term success, therefore what you may pay in your co-pay for counseling over the average period of time seen for counseling patients (2 years) you will more than save time and money. We also provide sponsorship assistance for those who qualify by having a lower income. For more information, you can Contact Us.

What is the cost?

$97-$10,000 depending on the type of services you are interested in. All types of payment are accepted, and payment plans are negotiable. The initial Discovery Call is FREE, so why not check us out and see if we’re a good match? Since the packages are short-term, many pay significantly less than they would with their insurance co-pay over the long-term.

Can I do the coaching even if I am not in a relationship?

Yes. Individuals are not only welcome but encouraged. Regardless of where you are in your relationships, the Passion Provokers process is beneficial to any person’s well being.

Does Passion Provokers offer workshops in locations other than Boise?

Being located in Boise, ID is not an issue! Passion Provokers is available to come to your area, wherever it may be. If you would like more details regarding weekend seminars, workshops, or any other event you would like Passion Provokers to be involved in, CLICK HERE!

May I do the coaching even if my partner is not interested?

Yes. It is ideal if you and your partner can come as a team, however we understand that it is sometimes not possible. Individuals always report that their relationship improves immediately, and for long-term, even if you do this alone.

Is Sponsorship available?

Yes. We have private sponsorship available through a NON-PROFIT, INVITE INC. Let us know if you are interested in sponsorship and we will discuss the options with you. Assistance is given as available on a need basis.

I don’t live in the Boise area but I would still like to do the process. Is that possible?

Yes. Passion Provokers will accommodate you in as many situations as possible. We can do meetings via video, Skype, FaceTime, or on the phone.

How can Small Businesses benefit?

Maintaining a good working relationship with other employees, your boss, and your business partners is not always easy. Passion Provokers does Weekend and/or Weekday Workshops with Small Businesses to allow all involved to communicate effectively, and to allow the business to grow into more success.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

The Passion Provokers process is short-term, and the Client/Clients understand that scheduling 90-minute sessions weekly will provide the results the Client/Clients is/are after. If more than three weeks lapse and the Client or Clients have not made an appointment or appointment arrangements, the Coach or Coaches have the right to cancel the contract for a $250
nonrefundable fee. We do not provide refunds secondary to the fact that your commitment to follow this path determines your outcome of success or failure.

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