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Relationship & Marriage Experts Boise, Idaho

Jami and Marla Keller are Master Coaches and Co-founders of the Christian Business Leaders International Small Group Leadership Trainings. They have been coaching relationships since being licensed and certified as Facilitators and Coaches with Life Skills International in 1995. It was then that they resolved to stop putting bandaids on heart wounds, begin serving and connecting communities together, and to live their life following where Jesus led them.

This Executive Mentor Training has been used in some form for over 20 years to create successful leaders and small group transformation in CHURCHES, SMALL BUSINESSES, NON-PROFIT GROUPS, NETWORKING GROUPS, CHAMBERS and CORPORATE AMERICA.

From the time Jami and Marla were first married in 1988 they were Youth Directors in two Southern California churches as well as several Arizona churches. From 1991 t0 1999 they served as Head Elders, Small Group Directors and Trainers, Preachers and Worship Committee Chairs in a Safford, Arizona. Marla was ordained as a minister in 2002, and Jami was ordained in 2006.

From 2002 to 2004, Marla served as Associate Pastor for Worship Company, a church plant in Loma Linda, California. She led out in Small Group Ministry Leadership Training, Worship and Drama Ministry, Youth Ministry, and preached every other week. And from 2006 to 2012, both Jami and Marla served as Associate Pastors for Oasis Church in Boise, Idaho, in charge of Children’s and Youth Ministry, Small Group Ministry Leadership Training, Forgiveness Ministry, and preached twice a month. Currently Marla serves on the Worship Team at Cathedral of the Rockies in Boise, they teach monthly in the Seekers class, are on the Prayer Team, and teach different courses throughout the year for Cathedral College and present on The Importance of Self Care to pastors from Oregon, Washington and Idaho at the Northwest Leadership Conference.

In 2012, Jami and Marla decided to retire as pastors and continue their coaching, which had been part time since 1995, full time and created Passion Provokers (from 1995-2006 their part time coaching practice was Couple to Couple: Afterskills, and from 2006-2012 it was under the name Keller Coaching).

Their coaching is short-term for a lifetime of positive results, with a 97% success meeting or exceeding client’s goals when these clients complete a process. They have led church congregations, small businesses, non-profits, networking groups, families, couples and individuals to a deeper awareness of what it takes to create a connected small community group, as well as to wholeness and healing. They are the co-authors of the book Our Real Journey, a 13-week recovery program for teens entitled Journey to Nai, a 13-week recovery program for control and abandonment entitled Forever After, a follow up 13-week recovery program for Forever After entitled Passionate Tranquility, their new book with the current working title 3 Weeks to a Compassionate, Connected Coupleship, and Jami​’s newest book Silhouette of a Man: Choosing to Recover from Passive Suicide. ​

In 2016 they were named in the top 1% of coaches worldwide and were filmed working with a client amongst other world famous coaches John Grey, Jack Canfield, and Mark Thompson (coach to Steve Jobs) for the coaching documentary, Leap. It is set to release in mid 2017.

Jami and Marla have been married since 1988, they live in Boise, Idaho, and they have two beautiful grown daughters and a son-in-law. They love adventuring together, which involves things like hiking, tandem bicycle riding, traveling around the globe, Bikram yoga, road trips, presenting experiential workshops or simply sitting quietly and reading together.