Crazy or Candida? Gut Health and Your Relationships 

By Marla Keller
Jami and I have been talking about the importance of gut health, and the fact that we all have a “brain” in our guts that tells our brain how to feel, for over 20 years. And now, recent studies have proven the truth of our words. How our digestive tract affects our emotions, and the key to feeling our feelings, is in your belly.

Science is Now Linking Gut Health to Emotional Health

The natural and symbiotic flora in our guts is grossly out of balance here in America. The genetic modification of wheat and the processed foods we eat are easily converted to sugar, and when we eat this way the healthy bacteria in the gut that we all have, like Candida, will become overgrown and actually tap into the vagus or 5th cranial nerve.

This highjacks the cat brain (watch the TedTalk) in our digestive system and this brain then transmits information to the brain in our heads that causes unhealthy bodies and behaviors. Therefore, the impulse to call our significant other “Crazy!” or to feel crazy ourselves.

This means we are far more cranky than we need to be!! Add stress and “Voila!” you have an adrenaline meltdown, which bad flora like Candida loves and thrives on. Double WHAM! Now our emotions are inconsistent and our ability to communicate is lowered because, well let’s face it, we are generally depressed. Most of our clients realize how depressed and self defeating they have been for most of their lives. Especially the otherwise “super successful.”

What we have known for years, and has been proven scientifically with overwhelming consistency across several fields, is that the highest level of peace, power, and passion for life requires FIRST that we update our emotional strategies with current tools, and then take charge of our gut health to be fully aware of the amazing capacity we have to feel and connect.

Jami and I have upgraded our gut health over the past 8 months and have seen a HUGE difference in our attitu
des (so positive), our energy (So. Much. Energy.), our sleep patterns (8 good solid hours without interruption), my libido (such passion), our belly fat (Jami has a six-pack for the first time in his life, and my belly is melting away), etc.

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