How to Expand


Are you fighting for the most important things in life? When it comes down to it, the most valuable “things” you have are your relationships.

 Recently a Medical Doctor told us why she started to refer patients to us. She said that most of her patients would return after visiting with the person she was previously referring to, and explain that upon their second or third visit the therapist would recommend divorce. This (of course) was shocking…but then not really. 

The divorce rate is actually down. This is because people are not choosing to get married as often as they did in the past. 

There is one group who is divorcing more than ever, the Baby Boomers. It used to be that there were few divorces after the age of fifty. Times are changing. The reason for this is because the skills that are required to thrive in a long term relationship are no longer a part of the culture. Some have them, but often take them for granted and most others are not present to the critical foundations that create highly satisfying relationships.  Most of the time, Passion Provokers can help people. We teach people to be able to address the disciplines that are key to knowing your heart. Learning to share that heart and soul in a safe way to really give and receive love can be the biggest game changer in all relationships.

Because the success of our clients is so great and relationships are salvaged we have expanded. We are taking our process where it needs to be (which we believe is everywhere).  We have trained six other coaches and have plans to invest into the Northwest and eventually worldwide. To be clear, this is not about making money. Like all businesses, we need money to keep going. We have been blessed to be able to do the work that we do because people pay for our services. We ran into limitations doing this solely from a non-profit company, and that is why we formed Passion Provokers. As founders, we live simply and have focused our energy and resources on the purpose of helping people find peace, power and joy.  We are asking for help in this expansion. We need your help. Even $5 would help.

If your reading this, it is because you are one of our friends, family, connected past clients, current clients, a curious reader, or a supporter of our dream. Your help is vital! One of the consistent features of investment campaigns like this is that if the warm market can get to just 30% of the campaign goal, then a bigger market takes notice. 

This Thanksgiving, we ask you: Are you grateful for your relationships? Are you grateful enough to help others find the same (or better) love? If you are, and feel compelled to join us, we encourage you to check out our campaign on Indiegogo. Lets #ExpandPassion.

Thank you for your time reading this, and thank you for your support, let’s change the world together, and let’s not do it one relationship at a time, let’s do it by regions, and nations. 


Jami Keller is the co-founder of Passion Provokers. Earning his degree in Physical Therapy from Loma Linda University in 1990, he was passionate about healing people. In the mid-90’s, he and his wife started working with couples who had struggled with domestic violence, and after some serious discovery about himself and his relationship, he and Marla started their journey as Life and Relationship Coaches.