MindBody Coaching Balancing Your Biochemistry Through Targeted Supplements and Your Heart Through the Power of Forgiveness

6 Month MindBody Total Health Process–$4,000

  • Up to 12 Power-packed Sessions
  • Unlimited Email Interactions
  • Up to 1 Monthly, 30-Minute Phone Call
  • 2 Hair Analysis Tests with Trace Elements Labs

MindBody Take Control of Your Health–$1,200

  • Up to 6 Power-packed Sessions
  • Weekly Email Interactions
  • 1 Hair Analysis Test with Trace Elements Labs

MindBody Starter Kit–$300

mindbody boise idahoWe (Jami and Marla Keller) supervise coaches and lead clients through a powerful and proven process that has a 97% success rate for meeting or exceeding all of our client’s goals.

MindBody Coaching includes hair testing by Trace Elements Laboratory, and coaching specifically designed to get the most out of the lab results and supplements. Trace Elements is an independent testing laboratory specializing in hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) for healthcare professionals worldwide. Here’s what our consultant, a registered nurse and Biochemical Technician, has to say about the importance of balancing your biochemistry:

“The foundation of good relationships is a healthy body. If the body isn’t healthy, the brain isn’t healthy; if the brain isn’t healthy, the relationships aren’t healthy. Over the last 18 years, I have seen a wide range of physical illnesses, including dyslexia, depression, bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia, psychoses with delusions and hallucinations, anxiety with panic attacks, dementia, Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, hypoglycemia, chronic fatigue, auto-immune disease and many others, completely reversed by consistently (generally over a period of 18-24 months) supplying the body with the specific nutrients each individual needs at the time. When the body has the necessary nutrients in the right balance, it heals itself as it was designed to by a loving Creator.”
~Sue Yingling, RN, Biochemical Clinician
International Passion Provoker Consultant

By being coached into awareness of your emotional blind spots, and by being fully aware of the current state of balance your body is in nutritionally, we can find and guide you in healing your personal and relational pain and help you learn to ask for your needs to be met so that not only you but your family, and then your entire community will be healed.

The body does not absorb most vitamin supplements because a balance of digesting nutrients must be present prior to receiving the needed nutrients. The hair sample testing that you will have analysed through this process provides specific information on what your body needs to balance in order to function at optimum health. For this reason, most people need to commit to six months of a very specific regime with follow up testing, in order to make the desired changes. Click HERE for 13 reasons to get your hair analyzed.

The sessions for the 6 Month MindBody Total Health Process and the MindBody Take Control of Your Health packages are done either over video-chat like Skype or FaceTime for our international clients, as well as in person (by request), and are 75 minutes. The requirements for success are:​​

  • ​Following your specific supplement routine daily.
  • Daily participation in a specific process of journaling.
  • Tracking your feelings.
  • Forgiveness work.

Because this process deals with your core emotional issues and dietary imbalances, it has a dramatic impact on your life satisfaction, happiness and connection. We are proud to be working closely with local doctor, Ron Carroll, MD, as well as our international consultant, Sue Yingling, who has, as you can see in her above quote, been practicing in this area for over 18 year.