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  • quote icon I have referred to Passion Provokers Life Coaching for all manner of coaching (life, leadership, relationship) from coworkers to couples of all ages. The methods used by Passion Provokers Life Coaching are practical, effective, and a time-limited approach to forgiving and opening up to better communication and empowerment."
    Angie S. Devitt, MD
    Boise, ID
  • quote icon "Passion Provokers helped me find real love with my spouse, and the bes reason to live when I had completely given up."
    Seattle, WA
  • quote icon "My sessions with [Passion Provokers] have healed my 38-year marriage and strengthened me as a woman. I was unable to pay for their services and was so happy to receive a sponsorship through Invite Inc., a non-profit that helps couples and individuals receive the personalized Life Coaching."
    Boise, ID
  • quote icon "I was extremely skeptical about doing coaching over Skype. I had never met Jami and Marla before, but my husband assured me that they would be the best. I was amazed by how comfortable I felt using Skype, and more importantly how much they helped our marriage. Yes, my husband was right...they are the best!" -
  • quote icon "By applying the tools we have been given we are experiencing a deeper emotional intimacy, deeper joy and peace than we ever thought was possible. The Passion Provoker process is a simple process to follow with easy to apply, practical tools and it has transformed every area of our lives."

    "The value of the transformation we have experienced has far surpassed the commitment of time and money we invested in the process. This has been a journey well-worth taking together and we’ll continue to use the tools for the rest of our lives. Thank you Passion Provokers! You are changing lives for the better – keep it up!"

    My fiance and I benefited far more than we could ever imagined from meeting with Passion Provokers. Our lives together completely changed after our sessions and we now have the tools we didn't even know we so very much needed as we grow into our future. I recommend them to everybody I know.
    Becky Andersen
    Boise, ID
  • quote icon "I want to thank you very much, Jami and Marla, for everything you have done for me. I know I was skeptical at times, but then I decided to fully commit to your process because I believe in it. I can feel it working for me. Jami and Marla, our session in California was my first ever coaching session. I honestly feel I have grown since then."
    Chad, LEAP Coaching Documentary Relationship Client
  • quote icon "[Passion Provokers] helped me move from a position of defeat and despair into success and empowerment. They not only helped me with some personal loss, but their coaching allowed me to have dynamic success in my professional & personal life. And having BOTH of them was outstanding, and brought me so much insight!"
    Muncie, Indiana
  • quote icon "Jami and Marla have such heart and compassion for helping others. The concepts they share are universal in their effectiveness and can work, not only for married couples, but for individuals as well who want to get a better understanding of the relationships in their lives. We can honestly say without a doubt that our marriage has not only been salvaged, but we are discovering each other all over again in a new way!"
    Deborah and Lincoln
    Boise, ID
  • quote icon "Thank you for the empowerment you gave us, the life skills you taught us, and the tools to live in the present. We will forever cherish what we learned for the rest of our lives. [Passion Provokers] will forever change your life in ways you never expect. Truly a blessing and a gift. Thank YOU....more than you know!"
    Gregg and Denise
    Boise, ID
  • quote icon "After 10 years of frustration, counseling, self-help books, and various 12-step meetings, my husband andI hit a rock bottom in our relationship. We were separated and heading for a divorce. We couldn't see how anything could repair the damage and hurt that we felt. We decided to do the 6-week Forgiveness Process with Passion Provokers. I had no idea what kind of transformation would take place. We received so much healing from our childhood and past relationships...pain that I didn't even know existed because I stuffed my feelings as a child. I was able to have empathy and love for my husband as I heard his pain as well. Today, I can have compassion and understanding for myself and my husband when we reach to situations, make mistakes or share our feelings. In six short weeks, w were given many tools to help us communicate more effectively and live in the present where we can enjoy each other instead of resenting our past or fearing our future. We have a new way of life thanks to Passion Provokers. It was the best investment we have ever mad and one that our kids can benefit from everyday."
    Boise, ID
  • quote icon "Try it and you'll never go back to the old way of having a relationship!"
    Linda and Rick
    Boise, ID
  • quote icon "We were one signature away from divorce for an entire year, but reading this book and following its concepts saved our marriage and has brought us to a new intimacy we never thought possible."
    Mark and Michelle
    Boise, ID
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