Why Hope Matters


By Marla Keller 

From a mathematical perspective, the equation is rather simple:  Hope = True Tranquility.  Flowing passionately across the landscape of your soul, has the North Wind deposited hope and tranquility onto your threshold?  Or has it brought only turmoil and pain?  Flowing passionately across the landscape of your soul can come the overwhelming sense that hope will bring you the peace, empowerment, joy and love that you have been pining for.  

This deep, soul-pining turns into the loss of hope and tranquility when you seek love and approval through things in your life that cannot fill your soul — work, food, perfectionism, sex, drugs, service, busyness, unhealthy relationships, religion, etc. This emptiness can be palpable with every breath you take. I have been there, desperately attempting to fill my empty soul with something…anything.

 And I have found Love; true, deep, abiding love that came from choosing to step through the doorway of pain and come out triumphant on the side of joy.

As your heart quickens with the possibility of living in this space of Love, you may be drawn back to reality by the anguish of lost hope that can be seen everywhere you look.  “How can this be,” you cry in despair, because you know that recently the North Wind has been whipping you around and has deposited you in a heap on the floor in solitude and fear.  Solitude because you are tired of being what everyone expects you to be, and you have separated yourself from everything; fear because you know where your “place” is in the world and if you dare free yourself from that “place” to follow this hope of real Love, you will suffer more heart-wrenching rejection and pain.  But wouldn’t you rather risk that to truly experience hope and tranquility and joy? It is a frightening risk, but well worth it. I would do it all again to be where I am, and where Jami and I are, today.

Pascal once said, “We are never living, but hoping to live.”  It is time to stop hoping to live and start truly living.  Our hearts cry out for a time when we experienced real joy — a time when we wished with all our heart that the moment would last forever.  It is time to give up the false lovers and step into the arms of Love that empower you, bring you peace, and offer you joy beyond measure. And this joy is not a passing joy, but a joy that breeds new hope and beautiful tranquility. Choose to step on this journey with me; it will bring you to your knees, but you will not regret it as Love enfolds you moment by moment, day by day, year by year. You are not alone…

Have you ever been disappointed in your hopes and learned to never ask for more?