Why You Are Your Own Soulmate 


By Ariel Minter

While I was scrolling through my newsfeed, my attention was taken by this short film by Glen Keane (respected animator who has worked for Disney). For only 3 minutes and 43 seconds, it tells a beautiful story.

I couldn’t help but think how wonderful it would be if we all sort of stumbled upon our soul-mates. Most people would explain that is what happened when they met their “person”. 

In some fashion, it does happen that way. I also believe that time is a huge component. I believe that you meet the right person when you are in a place of peace with who you are. 

Amazing people walk through the lives of others constantly. I have purposefully and accidentally let these people out of my life because I wasn’t in a place to either:

a. See them for the positive impact they could bring me, or
b. I was too busy wrapped up in the “wrong”

I guess you could mix and match both A and B, but regardless, your soulmate is likely a product of timing, not necessarily two souls that were destined to be together. I think there is a line in the movie “He’s Just Not That Into You” where a frantic middle aged woman is going over the horror of “What if my soulmate was born in India, and I never go to India?” 

Out of almost 8 billion people in this world, that is a daunting thought. 

So, this is why I think that you are your own soulmate. When you are able to love and care for yourself wholeheartedly is typically when the right person (who has done the same for themselves) will walk into your life. 

Becoming your own soulmate is challenging, because our world is so very full of things and people telling us we aren’t worthy. It is far too easy to believe them. 

You are worthy. And that is a beautiful love story.