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The foundation of good relationships is a healthy body. If the body isn’t healthy, the brain isn’t healthy; if the brain isn’t healthy, the relationships aren’t healthy.

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We are super excited to offer our fun and refreshing Couple’s Retreats! It’s a perfect gift for your love. Space is limited, so grab your spot today.

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Each workshop focuses team building, defining the invaluable role that each of your employees play, and comprehensive trainings.

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Relationship and Marriage Coaching, Consulting, and Mentoring in Boise, Idaho and Worldwide

We empower you to end the pain and frustration in your relationships so you can live the cherished life you have always dreamed about!  We have the tools you been looking for and have a 97% success rate often at a lower price than any other option. Don’t wait; let’s talk!
Welcome to the place where we help you just stop it (the confusion, pain and/or betrayal) and learn how to live in a way that allows you to be cherished! Right now!! We have 25 years of experience helping singles and couples achieve RELIEF and JOY where there has been betrayal and years of frustration.

We empower you to end the pain and frustration in your relationships so you can be cherished! The peaceful and passionate life you have always dreamed about can be achieved and fast! We have the time-tested and respected tools you have been looking for with a 97% success rate often at a lower price than any other option.  Don’t wait; let’s talk!


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Jami & Marla Keller

America’s Most Trusted Relationship and Marriage Experts

Watch Jami and Marla introduce their relationship saving process

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Jami and Marla have worked with thousands of couples over the last twenty-five years with outstanding success! Learning to cherish your love and be cherished is not easy, and with Jami and Marla it is more than worth the work to get there! Many times the pain is greatly diminished in one or two sessions and lasting change happens within a few sessions after that. They have developed a system that effectively gets to the core issues, and this system has been proven to be effective by the latest and best research available. Hit the “Let’s Talk” button and find out how to protect, support, and connect like never before. It will be safe, and you will be grateful you started today!

“If you have the chance to work with Jami and Marla, do yourself a big favor and jump at it! I had no idea how I was gaslighting my partner and myself and they not only saved my life from persistent thoughts of suicide, their safe and powerful influence saved my marriage of twelve years that was already in divorce proceedings. I now feel cherished and I love every part of our life together! We are much happier, our business is more successful and our children’s lives are so much better because of the tools and skills we have learned and we will use forever! THANK YOU Jami and Marla, the world needs many more like you!”

Jami and Marla have a 97% success rate! Here’s why…

Did you know that traditional counseling has an eighty-percent failure rate of keeping marriages together? And that over eighty-percent of people that get divorced regret it within three years! It is sad but true, and it has been getting worse not better. Relationships are the basis for our larger community and our world needs you and your relationships to be as healthy as possible. Jami and Marla have had only 3% of coupleships dissolve at the end of their process because they need to for the emotional (and sometimes physical) safety and health of each person. Only three-percent! It turns out that we attract partners that are within five points of our IQ and have a matching emotional issue and this must be unlocked for there to be a cherished love. This love is right in front of you, and learning to use the key to accepting a trusting and joyful connection will allow for a passion and energized life that is even bigger than you can imagine. There is hope for restoration if you do the work to learn these skills and your life will forever grow in love and prosperity. Don’t wait! Every minute counts so click HERE now to unlock your love, joy, and passion!

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Trailer for Coaching Documentary “Leap”

Passion Provokers founders, Marla and Jami Keller, are selected from over 20,000 Coaches around the globe, putting them in the top 1% of coaches worldwide, to be featured in The Coaching Movie “LEAP”.

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Jami and Marla spoke so much life into us in our very first encounter and continued to do so for our 6-month process. They are the epitome of a servant leaders, always encouraging, and so full of wisdom. In every appointment, we left feeling valued, by them and by each other. Jami and Marla have helped us overcome obstacles in our mindsets that have truly assisted us to forward united as a couple! And to think we almost signed divorce papers before meeting them… We are forever grateful that they were suggested by our friends! They were crucial instruments in setting a path for us to save our marriage. We could not have done it without you two!” – Tammy and Josh, Ohio
My husband and I have had such a wonderful experience with Jami and Marla. We needed help being able to communicate and understand each other better. Through the process, we learned so much about each other and ourselves that has truly helped us to be a better couple and develop stronger relationships by learning to identify our feelings and learning how to truly forgive.”
– Shereen and Chad, Wyoming
THIS PROCESS is so hands-on and practically applicable! Jami and Marla empower their clients to heal and grow and learn to be mindful and proactive with their emotions and forgiveness. They are an example, constantly doing this work for themselves so diligently and consistently that they remind you it is a lifelong process and they’ll teach you how to MASTER it! Take back control of your emotional health and invest in your lifelong happiness and healing!” – Natalie, Boise, Idaho

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Jami and Marla have partnered with Christa Sutton, Business Coach, to help small businesses and Human Resources Departments not only retain their valued employees but to also keep their employees healthy both physically and emotionally through understanding their innate giftedness and stop expending energy in ways that deplete them.

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